New Moon 4° Taurus on 2/22/20 @ 7:26 PDT

Happy New Moon in Taurus & Happy Earth Day from our Earth Mother Taurus!

An extra special day to honor the earth, her divinity as well as our bodies & our divinity. This 4° Taurus position really invites us to connect the celestial with our earthly nature to tap into our highest Self as Spirit. When we honor ourselves in this way, we honor all the things, bringing love & light to everything we touch & interact with.

This has so much to do with our relationships – our romantic relationships & our intimate relationships such as the one with ourselves & the one we create with the Divine Mother Earth. There are many squares & sextiles during this time, asking us to focus our energies in order to have productive outcomes as well as the ability to build new talents by working together.

New moons always encourage some time alone to reflect & integrate what your personal experience is during this inward time, but this moon is also asking for intentional communication with those you are closest to in order to feel more connected, bonded & strong together to build something new. This is a great time to get the gears turning mentally & verbally for what’s going to be best for your evolution & speaking to it. Speaking to how you can connect more & merge together more to build something truly sustainable & Mother Earth friendly!

Also a wonderful time to enter meditation outside & connect with Source, Spirit or Light Beings (guides) to further tune you into your intuition & highest potentials. Getting a clear connection from the cosmic realms where we often stream our deepest intuitive insights, will help propel this new talent & productive movement we are trying to achieve. So though we should spend time conversing with one another, be sure to take time quietly to channel with your Higher Self & beyond for wisdom that elevates ideas, goals, projects & destiny!

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