Full Moon 20° Virgo 3/9/20 @ 12:48pm MST

Sabian Symbol for Virgo 20° > “a caravan of cars headed to the ‘’West Coast”. Keynote: the need of cooperative effort in reaching any “New World” of experience. The process in which a group of persons are journeying together – thus linking their consciousness and energies (the car symbol) – in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Men & women cooperate in the great “adventure in consciousness” in a totalization of purpose and effort.


With the Full Moon in Virgo & Mercury stationing direct all happening today – Monday 3/9/20 – it’s a lot to take in, process & understand! We have an extra heavy Mercurial energy today as it rules Virgo & the Mercury direct highlights it’s influences. So many of the main planets are positioned above the horizon, giving us extra insight as we remain objective & observe ourselves. The self-analyzation process that Virgo is so good at is imperative at this time as we move forward with a new set of values that we discovered during this last Mercury RX cycle. As the Sabian symbol indicates, it is time to pool our energy together as a people, as a global community to create great change & begin acting/initiating what we wish to see our world to be.

Today is nothing but water & earth energy as we navigate a lot of emotional energy that bubbles up with the feminine tides. The great polarization that we see with North & South nodes in Capricorn & Cancer pull us to heal the patriarch & the matriarchal influences in our lives as we evolve into a more integrated, balanced place of existence. Though duality is what drives us to change, we must also allow neutrality when feeling bombarded with negative energies, entities & the like. Everything exists in nature for a reason even if that reason is just to steer life towards morality, justice, love & peace.

During this time we will see these polarities of the masculine & feminine, the mother & the father, the wise woman & wise man, rise up in all of us & trigger some of our deepest ego wounds & places we have rejected about ourselves. Let the polarity create an energy that extracts these shadows towards the light where you can use the illumination of the full moon & Virgo self-analysis energy to sift through, understand & integrate yourself more deeply than ever before. Moving forward as a collective for change begins with changing as an individual – unconditional love can start anywhere but it must saturate our heart within if we are to radiate infinitely without.

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